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You Should Be Here ...

Envision yourself walking through the cool shaded quiet of centuries-old forests, filled with trees so large it would take several people with outstretched arms to encircle one. Imagine a mountain meadow, lush with damp grasses, the wildflowers brushing your legs. Trek towards a roaring waterfall, which fills the air with a cool mist.

Explore sharply rising pinnacles, with their heads in the clouds. Listen to the pristine alpine lakes, formed by glaciers ages ago, call to you for an afternoon of peaceful fishing. Watch the rustle of underbrush, which produces a sleek and gentle deer posing for your camera. Feel the tug of your feet, anxious for hiking boots to be on and laced.

Each of these experiences could be yours on an unforgettable llama trek to beautiful Yosemite, Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks of the California Central Sierras this summer!



Yosemite / Sequoia / King's Canyon Wilderness Llama Treks

Experience a variety of wooded areas, green meadows, and mountainous terrain. Cascades, waterfalls, and breathtaking views are only a small part of this wonderful wilderness adventure. Enjoy great trout fishing, savory food and warm campfires each day at trails' end. Add the enchanting company of your very own llama companion, and you'll return with memories of a lifetime.


Half-day Llama Hikes

Trek terrain's include rural neighborhoods, the charming mountain town of Julian, historic gold mines, a local winery, serene countryside, mountain and lake views, and apple orchards. Half-day treks include a hearty picnic-style lunch appropriate to the season.

Llama Love


Your Trek Leader:
Lee Stanley
Your Trek Leader: Lee Stanley

Lee has hiked and rafted the wilds of Alaska, Colorado, Florida, Washington, and the California Sierras since the early 1960’s. He combined his love of wilderness beauty and llamas into a commercial packing venture in 1993. Lee holds current CPR certification. As an experienced guide and qualified wildland firefighter, Lee's enduring concern is to offer a safe, exciting, beauty filled experience for your memories. Lee has transformed the standard for wilderness cuisine from "freeze dried beef stew" to real "down home cookin" and nouveau California delicacies.


The Critic's Agree ...

Why do major magazines and newspapers chose LeeLin Llama Treks as their Llama Trek Outfitter?

Sunset Magazine: "A week-long trip into the Kings Canyon backcountry provides more than its share of adventures ... dinner promises to be festive and there is no shortage of laughter ... if you love getting into the wilderness and no longer have the back for backpacking, llama packing is a great alternative"

Los Angeles Times: "How we stopped carrying our packs and learned to love the Sierra"

Sports Illustrated: "The general cheerfulness of llamas makes them excellent hiking companions.  Llamas carry all the food and equipment, so the camping and eating can be done in true style"

The News Journal: "The place to recharge those cells and take a step back from one's daily hustle and bustle ... an excellent getaway"

San Diego Blade: "These sturdy and friendly pack animals make perfect companions for your walk"

Llama Banner Magazine: "an outing that even a beginner could enjoy ... was amazed at how easy it was"

San Diego Magazine: "Now that the ponies have (left) ... here's another sure four-legged bet"

Los Angeles Daily News: "Llamas are ideal ... Guests just love the gentle animals"

San Francisco Focus Magazine: "Take a llama trek in Julian..."

Llamas Magazine: "We are always glad to stop and spread the good cheer of llamas wherever we go ... (people) stopped in their tracks to see us go by ... many cheered and clapped."

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