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High Sierra Llama Treks Schedule

The High Sierra Pack Station: Home of the LeeLin Llamas!

Llamas were first introduced to the pack station in the summer of 1999, making this the first pack station in the Sierra Nevada to offer llama trekking! We share the station with the Cunningham's, who still offer traditional packing stock, horses and mules, as they have for three generations. We hope you will come to visit us at our new wilderness home.

Day treks are available by reservations from the High Sierra Pack Station located at Florence Lake, Sierra National Forest. Custom wilderness treks may be arranged for groups of six or more.

2002 Trek Dates Trek Location (Click)
June 21st - June 24th SOLD OUT: Hidden, Dutch & Crater Lakes
July 6th - July 12th SOLD OUT: Yosemite National Park
July 22nd - July 29th SOLD OUT: Yosemite National Park
Aug 5th - Aug 11th SOLD OUT: Evolution Photography Seminar
Aug 5th - Aug 11th SOLD OUT: Evolution Valley
Aug 24th - Aug 30th SOLD OUT: Evolution Valley
Sept 7th - Sept 14th SOLD OUT: Roaring River / Montecito Lodge

Llama Trek – General Information


Llama Treks and Hikes ...

Sierra - Sequoia - Kings Canyon - Yosemite

Hidden, Dutch & Crater Lakes Trek

2002: SOLD OUT June 21st - June 24th
Four days & three nights
Florence Lake
Moderate Trail - 10 miles - Elevation: low: 7,400' / high: 9,100'
$940 per person

This long weekend adventure offers a wonderful alternative for those of you with limited time. It's close in yet far enough away from the crowds to be secluded. After a scenic one-day's trek in, we base camp at Dutch Lake. Hidden lake is a short ten-minute hike and Crater Lake is only one mile away. This is a very pleasant serene, unspoiled forest area. Nature hikes, stargazing and great company, are just a few of the highlights. These alpine lakes provide great fishing for natural trout. A perfect trek for families.

Float tubing fishing available! (Float tubes will be provided upon request)


Yosemite National Park - A Backcountry Delight!

2002: SOLD OUT July 6th - July 12th / July 22nd - July 29th
Seven days & Six nights
Moderate trail - 18 miles - Elevation: low: 8,000' / high: 9,500'
$1,140 per person

Yosemite's hidden treasures!

From Chiquito Lake, we venture into the Yosemite backcountry ... a treat few people experience. On the first day, we hike to a beautiful meadow at Buck Creek, where the wildlife is plentiful. The next day, we visit Royal Arch Lake on our way to Buena Vista Lake. Here we will spend two full layover days, enjoying panoramic views of domes and wilderness peaks. There will be ample opportunities for great fishing and spectacular day hikes. Leave the crowds in the valley and enjoy the serenity!


Evolution Valley Photography Seminar by Tom Gamache

SOLD OUT Aug 5th - Aug 11th
Seven days & Six nights

Moderate trail
- 28 miles - Elevation: low: 7,400' / high: 9,200'
$1,640 per person

Learn hands-on wilderness photography from a pro!

Spend six days in Evolution Valley's pristine backcountry wilderness with acclaimed plein air fine-art photographer Thomas E. Gamache. Learn how to "think like a camera," and how to know what your photographs will look like before you snap the shutter. This workshop is designed for photographers with all levels of photographic experience, except beginners. Combined with quiet gentle llamas to carry your equipment, bountiful food and dramatic scenery, this will be a truly unique experience. This intimate, informative and exciting seminar will fill quickly as it is limited to six participants. A bibliography of Mr. Gamache's work will be provided.

This trek includes the Birthplace of the Sierra's hidden treasures...

Often referred to as "The Birthplace of the Sierra", the Evolution Valley stretches twelve miles along the John Muir Trail and embraces some of the most spectacular scenery to be found in the Sierra. Surrounded by 13,000' mountains, the Darwin Glaciers to the North, dozens of high altitude lakes, and lush meadows, this valley is one of a kind. Old forest groves, gardens of wildflowers, great fishing, abundant wildlife, cascading waterfalls and roaring rivers are just some of the highlights.


Evolution Valley Trek

2002: SOLD OUT Aug 5th - Aug 11th / Aug 24th - Aug 30th
Seven days & Six nights
Moderate trail
- 28 miles - Elevation: low: 7,400' / high: 9,200'
$1,140 per person

Explore the Birthplace of the Sierra!

Often referred to as "The Birthplace of the Sierra", the Evolution Valley stretches twelve miles along the John Muir Trail and embraces some of the most spectacular scenery to be found in the Sierra. Surrounded by 13,000' mountains, the Darwin Glaciers to the North, dozens of high altitude lakes, and lush meadows, this valley is one of a kind. Old forest groves, gardens of wildflowers, great fishing, abundant wildlife, cascading waterfalls and roaring rivers are just some of the highlights.


Roaring River / Montecito Lodge Package

2002: SOLD OUT Sept 7th - Sept 14th
Eight days & Seven nights.
Moderate trail - 28 miles - Elevation: low: 7,400' / high: 9,200'
$1,140 per person

Our Spectacular Roaring River - Montecito Lodge Package!

The trek package begins and ends at Montecito Lodge (located a short distance from our departure point in Sequoia National Park). The first and last nights lodging and all meals are included. After a relaxing stay at Montecito Lodge we begin our backcountry adventure. Our first day in we will reach Sugarloaf valley, along the way we enjoy rushing waterfalls and spectacular views. On day two we arrive at our base camp next to the Roaring River.. The sights and sounds of this gigantic river are amazing! Here we enjoy two full layover days exploring exciting out of the way places. Dead Mans and Meeche Canyons are always a favorite for day trips. At journeys end we return to Montecito Lodge for a hot bath and a soak in the spa. What a treat!  


A LeeLin Llama Trek is

Llamas in the Wilderness ...
Wilderness trekking with llamas provides hikers with the unique experience of hiking through beautiful places with greater comfort and ease than any backpacker can hope to achieve. If backpacking is a "minimalist" experience, then llama packing is a "maximalist" experience. A wide variety of fresh and hearty meals, as well as "tent camping" comforts can be attained with llamas as your intelligent assistants. Because the llamas carry all the food and equipment, the camping and eating can be done in true style. The special luxuries of fishing tackle and float tubes add to what is already a unique wilderness experience.

Leave No Trace ...
We practice minimum impact, "Leave No Trace" wilderness etiquette. We leave the campsites and trails with no evidence of our passing. Our llamas are kind to the environment each leaving no more impact than that of a deer. These magnificent "beasts of burden" are docile, and easily and safely handled by a novice or child. Because they are disease-free by nature, indigenous wildlife is not at risk by their presence. Llamas do not bark, bite, chew or dig. They do however give llama kisses and hanging around with them has been known to be habit forming!

The Shared Experience ...
Sharing an extended llama trek into the wilderness will bring many new experiences and the chance to make new friends. Camaraderie and group reliance will be attained from the efforts of working together. When venturing out for activities like day hikes, nature exploring or fishing, we ask that you use the "buddy system". There will be an abundance of personal time for individual pursuits such as relaxing, reading or photography. Your trek leader reserves the right to make final decisions in matters of health and safety, even if these decisions oppose a group decision.

Ask Your Guides ...
Prior to departure, if you have any questions, need clarification or help with your travel plans, please call or email us. During our time in the wilderness we are there for you. Please do not hesitate to ask us for assistance. We are always open to new ideas and suggestions from our guests.


Health and Safety

Emergencies ... For your safety, you must notify us in advance of any special medical conditions you may have. We carry a comprehensive first aid kit, we are trained in wilderness first aid and are CPR certified. We will treat any emergency within our scope. If we need further assistance, we are equipped with a high frequency radio linked directly to the National Park's 911 frequency. We also carry a GPS device to pinpoint our position Should an emergency arise, we can expedite medical assistance and / or evacuation. We are NOT, however, financially responsible for helicopters, ambulances or any other costs of said medical or evacuation costs.

The common sense approach... High altitudes and above average exertion can amplify minor health situations or cause symptoms of altitude sickness. We strongly suggest that every prospective trekker have a medical check-up before departure. Participants should be in good condition prior to departure. Your hiking footwear should be in good condition, broken in, and waterproofed prior to departure. By following some basic safety guidelines, the risk of accidents can be greatly reduced. Do not venture off alone, use the "buddy system" and always take basic survival gear. Let us know where you're going and approximately how long you will be gone. Do not attempt a stream crossing in fast moving water (if levels are above 18 inches). To prevent a fall take extreme caution when using a log to cross a stream, wet or dry they can be unstable and slippery. If you are interested in climbing, use caution and never...never...climb solo. Our liability insurance prohibits our participation in any type of technical climb.

Food Storage... All food items must be stored in our portable bear-proof boxes. This excepts what you carry in your daypacks while hiking. Do not leave your daypack unattended if it contains food. Never leave food in your tent. At dusk double check your clothing, day packs and tents to ensure they are food free.

Bears... By practicing these and other safety guidelines, the potential for negative bear encounters will be greatly reduced. We will conduct a safety orientation prior to departure at the trailhead.


Related Information

Children ... We enjoy the company of well-behaved children in the wilderness. To assure their comfort and safety, we must follow some basic guidelines. As per insurance regulations, children must be a minimum of eight years old. They must be in good physical condition, able to hike five to eight miles per day and follow basic instructions. You, as a parent, must exercise good parental care in looking after your children in the backcountry. We take pleasure in spending time, teaching and sharing new things with them. However, we are NOT babysitters.

Pets ... The National Park Service disallows pets of any kind in the backcountry wilderness areas. In compliance we do not allow pets.

Transportation ... All treks begin at the designated trailhead. Our insurance prohibits us from transporting guests. Transportation to and from the trailhead is your responsibility.

Nearest Airport ... Fresno, CA is the nearest airport. It's proximity to the trailheads is as follows: 2 hours west of Kings Canyon National Park, 2 and 1/2 hours northwest of Sequoia National Park, 2 hours south of Yosemite National Park and 3 hours southwest of Sierra National Forest.

Lodging - Dining - Car Rental ... Additional lodging and dining (unless specified in your trek description) are not included in your basic trek package. You will be responsible for any charges incurred. For assistance contact: Tom Marshall at The Rivers Reservation Centre, PO Box 220, Three Rivers, Ca. 93271 - Phone: (559) 561 0410 Fax: (559) 561 4247 - Email: mailbox@rescentre.com  - Web: http://www.rescentre.com


Reservations and Fees

Choose from trek dates listed above. Treks may be customized for groups of six or more. Call 1 800 LAMA PAK for more information.

Deposit ... A deposit of 50% per person of the trek package cost will confirm your reservation. The remaining balance is due thirty-one days prior to trip departure. A valid credit card is required to secure your reservation. We accept payments by cash, check, Visa, Master Card and American Express.

Cancellation Policy ... If cancellation is made thirty-one days or more before departure date, the deposit is refundable, less a $100 handling fee. No refund is available if cancellation is made thirty days or less before departure date, for "no shows" or withdrawing from a trek in progress. LeeLin Llama Treks reserves the right to cancel treks for any reason including lack of participants. Full refunds will be given in this event, or you may reschedule, as space is available. A signed cancellation policy will be required to secure your reservation.


Items LeeLin Llamas Provide

Meals ... We provide, prepare and serve all meals, snacks, munchies and beverages from lunch on day one, through lunch on our last day. We operate under a current San Diego County Health Permit and maintain current food handler's certification. Do you hanker for freeze dried beef stew? Then trekking with LeeLin Llamas will disappoint you with fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh baked deserts, and s'mores around the roaring campfire instead. Meals consisting of "savory Epicurean gastronomical delights" such as baked Salmon, fresh pasta and pesto, chicken fajitas, fresh baked corn bread, and thick melt-in-your-mouth pancakes with fresh orange juice might just tempt your palate. We supply everything you need in the way of eating utensils. There are even some comfortable camp cushions to sit on. Please bring your favorite trail snacks, we will pack up to 1/2 pound per person on your favorite llama!

Sample Wilderness Cuisine ...

Breakfast ... Veggie omelets with Trader Joe's apple and chicken sausage ... thick 7 grain tropical fruit and walnut pancakes ... fresh cold O.J. and hot Cappuccino ...

Lunch ... Deli style sandwiches served on triple cheese rolls ... humus in pieta pockets ... cheese balls and crackers ... salmon lox and cream cheese on bagels ...

Dinner ... Chicken fajitas, served with Cuban style black beans and tortillas ... fresh pasta and pesto with sun dried tomato bread and fresh salad ... Treats ... Fresh fruit, ... fresh baked cornbread and deserts ... s'mores and hot chocolate around the campfire.

Camp Chores ... We set up and break down camp. We cook, clean, pump water with a purifier and load your gear on the llamas. Any help from you is greatly appreciated. We will be glad to help if you need assistance setting up or taking down your tents. We do expect you to pack your own personal gear each morning. Upon departure, we erase our footprints and make sure we "Leave No Trace".

Stuff Bags, Towel & Washcloth ... We provide each guest with water resistant stuff bags as follows: One bag for clothing: 10x18 inches. One bag for your personal toiletries: 4x8 inches. One bag for your personal first aid and medications: 4x8 inches. We also provide each guest with a towel and wash cloth. They are 100% Viscose which is lightweight, super absorbent, and quick drying.

Tents - Air Mattresses, Sleeping Bags & Pillows ... We provide one tent (7'x 7'), for each two guests. Each guest will be supplied a therm-a-rest air mattress, a zero degree sleeping bag (with liner) and a pillow.

Solar Sun Showers ... will be provided for the comfort of our guests.

Heated Bathrooms ... Not likely! However we do provide the basic portable potty, shovel and all the paperwork you need.

Fishing Equipment ... We will supply basic fishing equipment such as: lightweight break down poles, reels, hooks and spinners. For float tube trips, we supply four complete float tubes, including waterproof waders and fins. Weight restrictions prohibit packing in more than four sets. We ask those of you interested in using them to please share.


Personal Items Guests Bring

Weight & Size Limitations ... The individual weight allowance is 15 pounds per guest. This excepts what you are wearing the first day out. All your personal gear must fit into the single 10x18 inch, water-resistant stuff bag we will provide. This excepts the following items; one coat, one pair of fleece pants, one fleece jacket and one pair of sandals. We will assist in the packing of your stuff bag at the trailhead.

A "Personal" Day Pack ... Your daypack will be used to keep some of your personal items handy, like water, personal medications, trail snacks, your rain ponchos and camera. You may opt to carry additional personal gear above and beyond the weight and size limitations of your daypack. If you chose this option be prepared to carry the extra gear for the entire trip.

Food Items ... Bring your favorite trail snacks, we will pack up to one-half pound per person on your favorite llama! Please be frugal with both weight & bulk! All food items must be stored in bear-proof containers at night. This storage space is limited.

Medications & First Aid Items ... All your personal medication and first aid items must fit into the single, 4x8 inch, water-resistant stuff bag we will provide. Bring enough medication to last your entire trip, but no more. We are not allowed to dispense even over the counter medications to you!  Foot blisters, insect bite allergies, poison oak allergies and other minor health problems in civilization can be magnified into a major issue in the wilderness. If you have allergies or are allergic to bug bites be sure to bring allergy medications. We suggest you also bring aspirin, Band-Aids, sunscreen, Chap Stick, contact lens solutions and some basic foot-care items, such as moleskin and tape. Bring travel size portions in non-breakable containers

Personal Toiletries ... All your personal toiletries must fit into the single, 4x8 inch, water-resistant stuff bag we will provide. This excepts your towel and washcloth, which we also provide.  We suggest you bring the following items: liquid soap, shampoo, deodorant, hand lotion, folding hairbrush, toothpaste and toothbrush. Think lightweight, bring travel size portions in non-breakable containers.

Miscellaneous ...
- A Positive Spirit and Attitude!
- One Reusable personal drinking water bottle.
- One small (double AA size) pen flashlight and spare battery.
- One pair of sunglasses.
- Camera, spare battery and lots of film!

Clothing & Footwear List ... We recommend you bring clothing made from synthetic, hollow fill synthetic, polypropylene and fleece, they are lightweight and quick drying. If your clothing accidentally gets wet, it will dry quickly. You may wash & reuse your clothing as needed. We do not recommend cotton, wool and down materials, they are heavy and very slow drying.

Pants Option One ...
- Two pair of pants (lightweight synthetic)
- Two pair of shorts (lightweight synthetic)

Pants Option Two ...
- Three Pairs of combination "zip pants" with detachable legs, they double as both short and long pants (lightweight synthetic)

- One pair of quality hiking boots (waterproof & break in prior to trip)
- One pair of sandals (such as Teva with adjustable Velcro strapping and souls that grip-wet surfaces) to use for stream crossings.
- One pair of comfortable lightweight shoes for camp.
- Three pairs of quality wicking type hiking socks and sock liners (synthetic)
- One warm coat (lightweight, hollow fill synthetic / wind resistant)
- One fleece jacket and one pair of fleece pants
- One pair of warm gloves
- One stocking style hat
- One sun hat, visor cap or baseball cap
- One rain poncho (lightweight)
- Three pairs of underpants
- Three T-shirts
- One pair of long underwear (polypropylene)

Remember: you may wash & reuse your clothing as needed!

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